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I Like to be in Control of My Grain


If you think about it, Agriculture is all about controlling nature. Irrigating dry land, genetically modifying
seed hybrids, and spraying to kill diseases don not happen on their own!
That is why we completely understand when we hear, I like to stay in control of my grain sales, so I
do not join managed plans. At least that way, if prices do not work out, it’s my mistake and not someone

It is no wonder you want to manage futures prices yourself… with all the volatility out there, it is hard
enough to stay in control! Plus, if we really had control, we’d probably all just decide to sell $10 Corn!

Things we as individuals can not control:
 Oil prices
 The weather
 Consumer demand
 Strength of the US Dollar
 What goes on in Washington D.C.
 Whether other countries buy our grain
A big benefit of cash-grain programs is that you DO have control over:
 How many bushels you enroll
 How many bushels you market on your own
 Which program strategies you enroll in
 Where and when you set basis
 When you deliver your grain
 What you do with your extra time and peace of mind
Being in control doesn’t mean going it alone. It means using every possible advantage to prepare for
uncertainty. Having a professional manage a portion of your production while you’re busy in the field
enables you to control as much as possible so you can make better decisions for your family.

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