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  • Yes! Most of the Farmers selling grain through our service employ their own grain marketer for risk management advice. In fact, we’re happy to recommend one for you if you’re looking for a broker.
  • We’re a service you can use to act on hedging decisions without having to worry about margin calls or committing bushels to an elevator before you’re ready to set basis. NOT a broker trying to sell you on a grain marketing plan.
  • 5,000 Bushels (Corn, Soybeans, Wheat)
  • No! You can choose to price any number of bushels above the minimum of 5,000.
  • Example: 22,000 BUs of Soybeans
  • Yours! Select what entity you like to be paid as and a settlement statement will be generated for you. This can be used for FSA and Crop Insurance filings.
  • Pricing Tool fees are set before you transact and deducted from your settlement check upon grain delivery.
  • Example: Farmer executes a 5 cent Pricing Tool that guarantees a futures price of $7.25.
    • Upon delivery, Farmer will receive $7.25, less 5 cents, for a net futures price of $7.20 (plus or minus basis).
  • Call your local elevator/ grain buyer and make a basis contract just like usual.
  • Yes! Negotiate your special deal with the local buyer and let them know futures will be exchanged separately on those bushels.
  • Yes! Contact us prior to contract expiration to roll.
  • Yes! Let us know what price trigger or roll spread you want to set and we’ll put your offer to work.
  • At this time, we do not offer livestock contracts.
  • Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Farmers in 20+ states sell grain through Farmer’s Keeper.
  • Contact us to see who else in your area sells grain through us to their elevators.
  • Paper checks $ ACH direct deposits.
  • Yes! Just let us know before December 15th each calendar year
  • Depending on the circumstances, there are a few potential options. Every scenario is unique and these are general guidelines of past situations. Not a guarantee on how future scenarios would be resolved:
    • Unwind contract and receive premium if “in the money”
    • Buy out contracts with crop insurance payment
    • Roll bushel commitment into following crop year
    • Source additional bushels to fill contract

Yes! Just tell us when placing your orders which entity you’d like the grain to be settled under. We’ll need a signed W9 for each entity you want to sell grain through.

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