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Grain Marketing is hard.
We're here to help.

We help Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Farmers manage price risk of their grain sales through no-margin Pricing Tools offered by the clearing firm StoneX and coordinating logistics when there are stronger basis bids outside their local markets.

We work with Farmers in every major grain state with all levels of size and grain marketing sophistication. That perspective brings value to all of our customers because we’ve seen it all. We want to help you succeed in the field and across the scales. 

Why Choose Us?

Your Personal Grain Merchandiser

We're an extension of your team. That means helping merchandise your grain. Including managing logistics, booking trucks, negotiating basis, talking through grain marketing strategies, and watching the commodity markets while you're busy on the farm.
Farmers repeat hedging with us
Farmers sell more bushels with us YoY
Price grain using both Pricing Tools and MPPs

Why Farmer's Keeper?

Farmers want to manage price risk but don’t want margin calls. Our Pricing Tools never have margin calls because you’re delivering physical grain, not “paper trading”. Pricing grain futures directly with an elevator eliminates basis and delivery flexibility. Pricing with Farmer’s Keeper maintains choice of delivery location until you’re ready to commit to a basis price. Grain marketing strategies differ based on each individual farm. Pricing Tools give you control, while Managed Pricing Programs take emotion out of grain sales.

Millions of Bushels Hedged

We've seen all types of markets.

Thousands of Farmers

Every Farm operation is unique.

Play the Basis

Deliver Anywhere.


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