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How to Choose a Crop Marketing Advisor/ Commodity Broker

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We all subscribe to an endless list of market updates, twitter alerts, and options strategy newsletters. At
a certain point, we are inundated with information and just need to sit down and talk to someone.

Many of the Farmers we enroll in managed cash-grain programs have never worked with a professional
to help them price their grain. If you fit into that category too, do not worry, you are not alone! We
estimate that about 75% of American commercial grain Farmers do not work with a marketing

Here are a few basic guidelines we use to help Farmers looking to work with a marketing professional of
any kind:
A positive relationship with trust and honesty are key… regardless of a Commodity Brokers strategy/
market outlook.
No one gets it right every year. Think long-term.
Work with someone that takes time to educate you on the markets, not just calling to force trades on
Learn to fish, not just be handed a fish… Buy and Sell signals are great, but when is the last time you
asked your market advisor about how Futures & Options work?
It is not your Brokers job to go above and beyond with their advice/ education… it is YOUR job to ask
them to go deeper. If they are earnest, then they will.
Here’s a link to our Broker Bio page with a range of Broker styles so you can get a feel for the different
approaches out there. We are happy to discuss your options more in depth, so please reach out if you are
looking for a commodity marketing advisor!

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