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Fixed Price Forward

Fixed Price Forward

Also known as a “Hedge to Arrive”

  • Keep elevator delivery location open
  • Wait for a a stronger basis
  • (Simulates “selling futures” on the board)
Cash Crop Growing Seasons (Part 2)


Cash Crop Growing Seasons (Part 2)

How weather and geography affect crop cycles

  • Within each crop, production timing varies
  • Every crop region plants and harvests at different times
  • Those times change with the weather almost every year
Considerations When Selling Grain


Considerations When Selling Grain

What factors influence grain sales?

  • Everyone uses different benchmarks for good grain prices
  • Consider WHEN to sell grain seasonally
  • What information determines how and when to sell grain?
  • What type of Pricing Tool will you use to make grain sales?
How Macro -Economics Affects Sales Timing


How Macro-Economics Affects Sales Timing

How the broader economy can affect grain prices

  • Grain is traded on international markets
  • Inflation, interest rates, and economic recessions play a role
  • Commodity grain prices fluctuate based on these factors
How Price Moves After Critical Events


How Price Moves After Critical Events

USDA reports and “Black Swans” move grain prices

  • Critical events like USDA crop reports, weather forecasts, black swan events
  • There are expected outcomes and unexpected outcomes
  • Unexpected outcomes tend to move grain prices more
How To Read Candlestick Charts


How To Read Candlestick Charts

Candlestick charts can look intimidating at first…

  • Technical grain traders use candlestick charts
  • They contain lots of information about grain markets
  • Don’t be afraid! Anyone can read these charts
Straddles & Strangles


Straddles & Strangles

More information on advanced grain trading mechanisms

  • How these grain trading strategies anticipate volatility
  • What situations these strategies are used for
  • Events with potential volatility like USDA crop reports and “Black Swan” events
The Speculative Money Cycle


The Speculative Money Cycle

How do “The Funds” inject cash into grain markets?

  • Speculators inject cash into grain markets
  • That liquidity allows Farmers to easily enter and exit market positions
  • Most money flow exchanges between speculators
  • How money flows from Farmer producers to end-users
Types of Grain Marketing Advisors & Commodity Brokers


Types of Grain Marketing Advisors & Commodity Brokers

Which is the right grain price advisor for you?

  • Every Farmer needs a different type of grain market advisor
  • Every grain advisor has a different market bias and strategy
  • How to decide what type of grain market advisor is best for your grain marketing strategy
Types of Buy & Sell Orders


Types of Buy & Sell Orders

Different ways to capture grain price targets

  • Order types, not just “At the Market” or ATM
  • Sell Limit/ Buy Limit
  • Sell Stop/ Buy Stop
  • Situations on when to use these market execution orders
Market Hierarchies

Market Hierarchies

Who are all the players in the grain markets?

  • How are grain contracts traded?
  • Exchanges like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
  • Clearing firms holding margin money/ performance bonds
  • Introducers and Farmers setting grain prices
Types of Basis Markets


Types of Basis Markets

A look into cash grain basis markets for Farmers

  • Different types of grain buyers, elevators, and end-users
  • Competition in local cash grain markets and how they affect basis on the farm
  • How transportation affects basis and delivery decisions on your grain
Corn's Supply Chain


Corn’s Supply Chain

How is commodity Corn used and where does it go?

  • From the Farmer to the end-user
  • Grain transport channels, supply chains, and basis
  • Ethanol plants, Dried Distiller’s Grains (DDGs), and feed grains
Soybean's Supply Chain


Soybean’s Supply Chain

How are commodity Soybeans used and where do they go?

  • From the Farmer to the end-user
  • Grain transport, supply chains, and basis
  • Soybean crush, Soybean oil, Soybean meal, livestock feed, and biodiesel